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(Last updated on 28th March 2017)




Requests have been received from the undernoted breeders who are looking for kittens for show and/or breeding. Please contact the breeder direct either by email or telephone.

Note: Pet requests can no longer be taken. For pets, please refer to the kitten list.

If you would like to advertise on this page please email the Kitten List Registrar at TBRCC.


Anne Bradley: 01677 425929 (Yorkshire) - Central Kitten List Holder

For updates, please email the Kitten List Registrar or telephone one of our helplines, Thank you.



Please note that with immediate effect, all adverts that have been on the list for 2 calendar months and the club has not been advised that the advertiser has found what they are looking for, it will be assumed that they have and the advert will be removed from the list.





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