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The British Ragdoll Cat Club Breeders Seminar 22nd/23rd August 2020

Due to government restrictions and suspension of all GCCF events during the covid-19 pandemic The British Ragdoll Cat Club cannot confirm if the annual breeders seminar which is due to be held on 22nd/23rd August 2020 will go ahead. Only once GCCF allow clubs to hold events will we be able to organise a breeders seminar. We would like to thank everyone for their patience during these very difficult times. Please stay safe.


Urgent notice for kitten buyers

Under government restrictions potential kitten buyers are not allowed to visit breeders homes to view kittens. Many breeders are undertaking virtual viewings of kittens and interviewing potential owners this way. If you are buying a kitten please do not pay any money BEFORE you have physically seen the kitten. Many kitten buyers are being duped and scammed into parting for money for kittens that do not exist even after seeing videos of the kittens. Please go to a reputable breeder who registers their kittens. Vets are now able to vaccinate kittens so all kittens leaving breeders should be fully vaccinated. Registrations are still being processed but instead of a glossy registration card you will receive an emailed copy. Please do research on any breeder. Ask them what cat club they are a member of and cross check this information with the club Secretary. Please exercise caution.



AGM 2020 - Awards and Trophy Points







Calendar 2020



All proceeds go to TBRCC welfare, so directly supports our rehoming function. 

Price for the calendar is £3 each but for orders of 10 or more the price is £2.50.


Please go to the Merchandise page for more info.



If you are looking to buy a kitten please read these official documents put together by various animal welfare organisations and DEFRA.

There is a section in the checklist on buying a pedigree kitten.

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