The Definitive Guide for Ragdolls



Definitive Guide to Ragdolls

When the idea to write this book was conceived, it was the aim of the authors to provide not only a comprehensive guide to the breed, but also to honour the Ragdoll with a book that would be worthy to carry its name. The Definitive Guide to Ragdolls is the result of twenty years combined practical experience. It has been painstakingly researched to bring to the reader a book of superior quality and detail. It has been written by three authors, all friends, who together can bring to the reader a balanced view, not only of the breed in general, but also its husbandry.


Join the authors on their journey backwards in time for over three decades to discover the true genesis of this adorable breed, an account as never before told following an exclusive interview with the breed's originator, Ann Baker in California. The book addresses all areas of management and provides a detailed guide to appeal from the potential pet owner, to the most professional breeder. It covers in detail the complex, yet fascinating area of the genetics of the breed, giving data previously unpublished that will enable the breeder to plan and predict both the colours and patterns desired.

The Definitive Guide to Ragdolls - Authors

Many of the photographs in the book have been specially commissioned from the photographer, Alan Robinson, LMPA and the results are breathtaking. It took almost a year of concentrated effort and also involved the full co-operation from each animal's owner, we are indebted to them all. We are appreciative for the contributions made to the book by Denny & Laura Dayton of Blossom-Time Ragdolls, Roy Robinson FIBiol, Pat Brownsell, Sue Ward-Smith and Brian & June Rigler, their advice and help was priceless.


In essence, this is an essential book for every Ragdoll owner and yet it will not be consigned to the bookshelf as the reader will want to refer to it repeatedly.



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