Choosing a Ragdoll Kitten


When the times for you to choose your Ragdoll kitten it is wise to have read all the literature available on the breed to ensure that the kitten will fit in with your lifestyle. It is particularly important that you view adult Ragdolls intheir home environment and that the mature cat appeals to you. Kittenhood last Seal Mitted Ragdoll Kittensuch a short time and it is to be hoped that the pet you choose will live a long and happy life as part of your family.



If you are out at business it is kinder to consider buying two kittens for companionship. It is such a lonely life for a little kitten to be left for long periods on its own and Ragdolls, especially when young, benefit from having a playmate. The ideal situation is to buy two kittens from the same litter.


Two kittens are far less destructive as they will happily amuse one another and then snuggle up close when they have exhausted their energy. They are also less likely to pine if they have to be boarded at a cattery whilst you go on holiday.



To find a breeder in your area contact one of the undernoted numbers or go to our registered breeders page:

Anne Bradley: 01677 425929 (Yorkshire) - Central Kitten List Holder

Two Seal Mitted Ragdoll Kittens



Take time when choosing your kitten. Ragdoll kittens should be lively, alert and bouncing with energy. Their coats should look healthy. Their eyes should be clear and bright. Their ears should be clean. As a guide a kitten at 13 weeks old should weigh somewhere between 3lbs - 4lbs, please remember that males generally weigh quite a bit heavier than the females. Don't be afraid to ask questions that are worrying you, the breeder will be happy to answer all your queries. If you should be in any doubt, it is best to go home and think it over. You are not under any obligation to buy a kitten just because you have visited. You must be 100% sure that the kitten has the personality that would fit in with your family's lifestyle as hopefully he is going to be a member of your family for many years to come.



Introducing your kitten to his new home

Leaving his siblings and the security of the only home he has known since he was born is the most stressful time for a kitten. The most confident kitten can become a nervous wreck if its introduction to its new home is traumatic.




Don't be tempted to introduce him to any resident felines for the first twenty four hours - it is better to let him gain confidence in his new surroundings first so that he will be more relaxed when he meets his new companion. Before introducing them, put a little talcum powder on their coats which will help to mask any unfamiliar smells.

Seal Mitted Ragdoll Kitten



Initially it is wise to keep the kitten in the room that you are in so that he feels safe. Reassure him with lots of cuddles and his confidence will grow rapidly. In the evening, when perhaps you settle down to watch television, you can then introduce the cat and the kitten under supervision. Patience and gentle integration usually pays dividends. Do remember to make a special fuss of your other cat too so that he doesn't feel neglected. Once he is confident of his new surroundings and his new playmate, your kitten will be happy to explore and they will soon become the best of friends.



Remember to let the breeder know how the kitten has settled in and keep in touch. All breeders enjoy getting photographs of their progeny to see how they develop.



All pet kittens are on the 'non-active' register and should not be bred from. The kitten should be neutered or spayed at or around 6/8 months of age. Males if left entire will spray, as will females who may 'call' frequently and who can also run the risk of pyometra. Your veterinary surgeon will advise what age is best to perform the operation.


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