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Are You Looking For A Ragdoll Kitten? – PLEASE READ
We have received reports and seen advertisements on various pets for sale websites for Ragdoll kittens for sale that have yet to be born or are extremely young. People are being asked to pay deposits of money to go on waiting lists or reserve kittens. In one case the potential mother of potential kittens had not yet been mated. Cats are pregnant for 9 weeks. No one can predict when a female cat will come into season or even if she will fall pregnant.  PLEASE do not pay any money for a kitten you have not been to see in its home with its mother and any siblings present. The normal age for viewing any kitten is after it has received its first vaccination and health check by a veterinary surgeon at 8 to 9 weeks of age. By handing over money to a breeder you do not know you may become the victim of a scam for kittens that do not exist and never will exist. This has happened and the person never received their money back and it was traced to an African country.  If the breeder is genuine and ethical they should not be advertising for sale any kitten that has not been born yet. There is no guarantee that any kittens will be born, that they will be born live and that they will thrive in the first few weeks of life – there are kitten losses. If you do pay a deposit on a kitten that does not exist or when you visit for the first time you are not happy with the kitten you may not be able to get your money back. Some genuine, ethical breeders will keep a waiting list of potential new owners but they will not ask you for any money until the kitten has been viewed and both parties are happy with a sale. This is perfectly acceptable. Sometimes there are not many Ragdoll kittens available and potential new owners do have to wait and be patient but remember you will always find the kitten you are looking for.



GENERAL NOTICE: We are receiving regular requests from members of the public seeking confirmation that breeders are members/registered breeders, after seeing statements from a breeder to that effect. We also receive complaints from kitten buyers who were led to believe the breeder was a member of TBRCC. This creates extra workload for the committee, who then need to cross reference the membership list and reply to these enquiries.


If we find that the breeder concerned is not a member, we contact the breeder to highlight the mistake and politely request that they correct the error within a certain timeframe. If the breeder does not, then a disclaimer is put on the website. Whilst we apologise for any offence, we feel this is necesary and prevents a breeder being questionned by Trading Standards over incorrect advertising, and ourselves being involved in any private matter between a breeder and any other individual.


The list below is of all current Registered Breeders with The British Ragdoll Cat Club.



If you are looking to buy a kitten please read these official documents put together by various animal welfare organisations and DEFRA.

There is a section in the checklist on buying a pedigree kitten.

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Anne Bradley: 01677 425929 (Yorkshire)


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Scotland - Northern Ireland - Wales - North East of England & Yorkshire - North West of England
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Oxford, Wiltshire & Gloucestershire - Hertfordshire, Middlesex & Essex - London & Kent - Berkshire & Surrey-
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Please Note: Those Breeders that have a (PB) are classed as Probationary Breeders as they have not yet attended the advanced Seminar to become a Full Registered Breeder.






DISCLAIMER: The British Ragdoll Cat Club cannot accept responsibility for any failure on the part of the breeder.
Each kitten/cat is unique and therefore temperament cannot be guaranteed.



TBRCC recommends the following prices for Ragdoll kittens:



£600 - £800 (plus neutering, if applicable)

Show Neuter


£600 - £800 (plus neutering, if applicable)

Breeding Queen


From £900 - £1200

Show/ Breeding Queen


From £900 - £1200

Show/Stud Potential


From £1000 - £1500


These prices are for purebred registered with the GCCF, TICA or FIFe, vaccinated, health-checked kittens. If the kitten is not registered, it is NOT a pedigree, even if the 'breeder' provides a family tree which would suggest it is. A cat or kitten MUST be registered for it to be a pedigree.

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