The Tabby and Red Series



Red Point RagdollThe importation of many Tabby and Red series Ragdolls from America has introduced a whole new spectrum to Ragdoll breeding in Britain and indeed throughout the world. These striking new variations too the standard recognised colours are proving overwhelmingly popular with breeders and pet owners alike. With close to one hundred Tabbies or Red series breeding Ragdolls in the UK they are set to make their mark.


The existence of Tabby and Red series ragdolls dates back to the early breeding programme set up by Ann Baker. Ann had at this time Trademarked the Ragdoll name and started her own Registration body, known as the International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA). IRCA breeders were contracted to breed within her guidelines and discouraged from registering their Ragdolls with the standard Cat Fancy Associations. In more recent years a sprinkling of breeders dissatisfied with the constrictions or the IRCA policies, dTabby Point Ragdollecided to break away and foundation register their cats with the traditional registries in the United States. Their subsequent recognition by these registries enabled further generations to be shown and exhibited at cat shows for the first time in thirty years. Furthermore, their entitlement to certified pedigrees, now allowing them registration world-wide.


The Tabby and Red genes both being dominant (albeit Red being sex linked) makes their integration with the standard recognised patterns and colours uncomplicated and appealing, and are currently being bred in all three recognised patterns of Colourpointed, Mitted and Bicolour. The dominant white genes of the Mitted and Bicolour have a dramatic effect on the areas of colour around the white patterning in the tortie varieties of the Red series females, in basic terms, when white is present, the areas of red (or cream) and base colour becomes larger, and the more white, as in the Bicolour, the larger the patches of colour. Americans refer to this distribution as 'Calico' and the results are extremely eye catching.


Indeed, Tabby and Red series Ragdolls, referred to in the United States Tabby Ragdoll Kittenas 'Lynx' points and 'Flame' points are not only appealing aesthetically, but also genetically, as having been bred in relative isolation from previously accessible Ragdolls, now that their recognition is granted, their input to the present Ragdoll gene pool will be of consequential value.


An application for the recognition of the Tabby & Red series Ragdolls within the GCCF was approved in October 2002, and we have been able to see their stunning presence at shows in competition alongside their traditional counterparts since the start of the new Show Year on 1 June 2003.


Extract of an article by Jackie Cook.





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