The British Ragdoll Cat Club provides a Rehoming Service with a network of willing volunteers situated all over the country ready to help. Over the years, we have been asked to help rehome Ragdolls when people's circumstances have changed and they are sadly no longer able to keep their cats and we have done our best to help.

We do not home cats on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each one is assessed individually for its character and temperament and its previous lifestyle is taken into consideration. When we are certain that we have found the right home, arrangements will be made for the transfer.


We like to arrange a visit to prospective new homes by an experienced member of TBRCC before placing a cat. This ensures that the home suits the needs of the cat(s) being considered and also provides the opportunity for adoptees to voice any queries that they may have regarding the general care and upkeep of the Ragdoll breed.


Something to take into consideration is that, like most pedigree cats, Ragdolls are indoor cats and you will require to provide them with a litter tray. It is not recommended to allow them complete freedom as their easy-going nature could make them less aware of danger. No one is ever prepared for the heartbreak of a much loved pet being run over by a car or taken away by a stranger. However, if you have a safely enclosed garden your pet will enjoy playing in the fresh air, especially if you are with him or her.


To start the process of either rehoming or adopting, you will need to answers some questions first. Please click on the appropriate link below to get started.


As this service is operated on a UK-wide basis by just three main volunteers and a small network of support helpers, we do ask that you be patient with us. For rehoming enquiries, you can expect a reply within four working days. For adoption enquiries, you can expect a reply within four weeks.


Please read the Initial Rehome Letter HERE


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If you are looking to provide and loving home for a Ragdoll Cat, please download and complete this form by Clicking Here.



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Our TBRCC Rescue & Rehome cats often remain in our care for extended periods of time, until we can find them a new home. This can sometimes mean spending the holidays including Christmas in a temporary foster home.  We provide them with food, veterinary care and enrichment, all using the kind donations that our supporters provide. 

We have put together an Amazon Wish list based on the Ragdolls needs, if you would like to purchase a gift please click on the link and simply select the gift you would like to donate and send to the Ragdolls currently in our care. 

TBRCC Rehome Group 


Ragdolls in Our Care...

Current Ragdolls looking for permanent loving homes.




Charlie and Lola



Charlie and Lola


Charlie & Lola are Brother& Sister they must go to a new home as a pair.

Charlie is a cream colourpoint Ragdoll male neuter
He is a very friendly boy likes human company, loves attention. Very chatty boy, enjoys meeting visitors. At playtime he loves to bat a cat toy ball around and chase it.
He enjoys lounging on top of a larger scratching post bed.

Lola is a blue Tortie Ragdoll Female neuter.
Lola is more reserved than her brother but does like affection on her terms. She just needs more time to settle into a new home.
She also enjoys playing batting cat toy balls around & chasing them also loves to lounge on a cat scratching post bed.

Theses cats have always been together to must go to a new home as a pair.
No young children & other pets. Charlie & Lola are 8 years old.
They are both on Royal Canin Oral hygiene food and use Worlds best multi cat litter.
These cats are in North of East of England.





Ollie and Sookie


Ollie and Sookie - Home Found!


Ollie is a Blue Colourpoint Male Neuter Ragdoll aged 9 Years old. Favourite toys Catnip pillows, treats Lickylick & meat treat sticks.
He is a friendly cat and can be vocal as he likes a fuss and attention.
Sookie is a Seal colourpoint Male Neuter Ragdoll aged 4 years old.
Sookie is shyer than Ollie and takes time to get to know new people and settle in a new environment. He loves belly rubs. Ollie looks after him when he is uncomfortable or afraid.
These boys are half brothers must go to a new home together. They have never lived with young children or other pets so their ideal future home would be for them to be the only resident pets.
They also enjoy a quieter environment. They both enjoy being groomed.
Both boys eat Sanebelle Sensitive Poultry & Prawn dried food.  Litter used Tigerino Canada. 
They will be fully vaccinated, vet checked & have 5 weeks free insurance with Agria.
These boys are currently in the North West uk






Rafiki and Mr Jinx


Rafiki and Mr Jinx - Home Found!


Rafiki is a Seal point Birman female neuter just turned 6 years old. She likes being groomed, petted & fussed.
Mr Jinx Lilac Coliurpoint Male Neuter Ragdoll 5 years old. Grooming take a little time & patience
Both cats eat Bozita wet food & Iams or Applaws dried food. They use Greenwood’s clumping litter.  Favourite play toys paper balls.  They are ok with older children but not other pets. Both cats go outside occasionally in safe cat escape proof garden under supervision. Both cats vaccinations are up to date.
These cats are being rehomed as their owners Are moving home and unable to take them. These cats are in the South of the uk.



Jasmine and Joey


Jasmine and Joey - Jasmine On Hold/Joey Home Found


Jasmine a Lilac  Colourpointed British Short hair female Neuter approx 3 nearly 4 years of Age.  She is being rehomed due to her owner working long hours.
She is a friendly girl on her terms. She would benefit from a new home which has a safe cat proof garden or catico.  She can be rehomed with Joey. She is currently in Foster care in Scotland.

Joey is a Seal Colourpoint Ragdoll neuter Male he is nearly 4 years of age.
He is a very friendly laid back boy who loves people and spending time with them.
He is an indoor only cat unless the new home has a safe cat proof garden or catico.










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