The British Ragdoll Cat Club provides a Rehoming Service with a network of willing volunteers situated all over the country ready to help. Over the years, we have been asked to help rehome Ragdolls when people's circumstances have changed and they are sadly no longer able to keep their cats and we have done our best to help.

We do not home cats on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each one is assessed individually for its character and temperament and its previous lifestyle is taken into consideration. When we are certain that we have found the right home, arrangements will be made for the transfer.


We like to arrange a visit to prospective new homes by an experienced member of TBRCC before placing a cat. This ensures that the home suits the needs of the cat(s) being considered and also provides the opportunity for adoptees to voice any queries that they may have regarding the general care and upkeep of the Ragdoll breed.


Something to take into consideration is that, like most pedigree cats, Ragdolls are indoor cats and you will require to provide them with a litter tray. It is not recommended to allow them complete freedom as their easy-going nature could make them less aware of danger. No one is ever prepared for the heartbreak of a much loved pet being run over by a car or taken away by a stranger. However, if you have a safely enclosed garden your pet will enjoy playing in the fresh air, especially if you are with him or her.


To start the process of either rehoming or adopting, you will need to answers some questions first. Please click on the appropriate link below to get started.


As this service is operated on a UK-wide basis by just three main volunteers and a small network of support helpers, we do ask that you be patient with us. For rehoming enquiries, you can expect a reply within four working days. For adoption enquiries, you can expect a reply within four weeks.



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Our TBRCC Rescue & Rehome cats often remain in our care for extended periods of time, until we can find them a new home. This can sometimes mean spending the holidays including Christmas in a temporary foster home.  We provide them with food, veterinary care and enrichment, all using the kind donations that our supporters provide. 

We have put together an Amazon Wish list based on the Ragdolls needs, if you would like to purchase a gift please click on the link and simply select the gift you would like to donate and send to the Ragdolls currently in our care. 

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Ragdolls in Our Care...

Current Ragdolls looking for permanent loving homes.






Luna - On Hold


Luna is a Blue Colourpoint Ragdoll Neutered Female aged nearly 2 yeas old.
She is a timid cat with new people especially children & visitors, not used to dogs or other cats. Luna will hide if a lot of visitors in her home but is curious if there are just a few visitors. Luna is being rehomed as an indoor cat but she does currently have access to a small fully secure walled garden only when the owners are with her. She is not allowed out to roam.
Luna is a friendly cat likes humans she knows well. Likes lots of attention, to be fussed & tummy rubs.
Luna likes to chase cat toy balls around her favourites are crinkly ones. Wand toys would also be good as she is lively and energetic at times.
Luna requires a home where she can enjoy lots of human company. 
A family with older children would be considered. 
Luna is currently in the South of the UK.
Please contact 



Crystal and Tia



Crystal and Tia


Crystal is a Blue Colourpoint Female Neuter Ragdoll. She is a friendly girl of just turned 10 years of age is very friendly and loves being fussed picked up by humans she knows well. She has lived previously with a small dog very used to cats. Crystal does meow when she wants attention. She has been used to having access to a fully secure cat escape proof garden.likes to play and chase with cat wand toys. Crystal is vaccinated up to date. Crystal is looking for her forever home along with her litter sister Tia. Crystal is used to being fed a minimum of twice per day and litter trays are cleaned a minimum of twice per day or as required

Tia is a Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll Female Neuter just turned 10 years old. She is a friendly girl and likes being fussed but not keen on being picked up. Needs to know people well. She is used to having access to a a fully secure cat escape proof garden. She likes playing with most soft cat toys. Tia is used to being fed a minimum of twice per day and litter trays are cleaned a minimum of twice per day or as required. 
It's best to have two cat trays available at all times. Tia is vaccinated up to date.


These girls are in the South of the UK currently.

These beautiful girls are being reluctantly rehomed due to a change in circumstances of the owners. 

If you require further information about these girls 
please contact Anne



Magic and Sparkle


Magic and Sparkle


Magic is a Red Colourpoint Male Neuter Ragdoll. He is shy until he gets to know people a gentle cats. Does not mind older children. Not used to dogs. He is totally a house cat & has always lived indoors so needs a home as an indoor cat.
He also need to be rehomed with his best Friend Sparkle as they are very close companions.

Sparkle is a Seal Tortie Female Ragdoll. She is shy until she gets to know new people she is a gentle cat. Does not mind older children. Not used to dogs. She is totally a house cat & has always lived indoors so needs a home as an indoor cat.
She needs a home with her best friend Magic as they are very close companions.
Both Magic and Sparkle are being rehomed due to their elderly owner sadly passing away. They will need new owner who have the time to help these cats regain some confidence and help them settle into a new home.
These cats are in foster cat in West Yorkshire area.
Comtact Anne via the rescue email address on TBRCC rehome page



Blanco and Tinto


Blanco and Tinto - On Hold


Blanco is a Blue Colourpointed Female Ragdoll Neuter. 
Tinto is a Seal Mitted Female Ragdoll Neuter.
The two sisters above are very close and must go to a new home together.
Blanco likes to spend a lot of her time in human company either sitting next to them or at times on a lap. Loves chasing toys ping pong balls, wand toys and cardboard boxes. She likes being stroked and petted. 
Tinto is a Seal Mitted Ragdoll Female Neuter. Likes to get to know new Humans first and is a bit more Regal than her sister. Likes to sit next to humans. Toys is fond of catnip mice, plays fetch, uses scratch pads, enjoys chasing balls and playing in cardboard boxes.
Both cats are used to being groomed 2 to 3 times a week and enjoy it.

These cats are sadly being rehomed due to a change of circumstances within their family circumstances.
They get on well together. 
They are used to being the only pets in the house and are not used to children. They have been used enjoying full access to all the rooms in the home. They are indoor only cats.
These cats vaccinations are up to date.
They are currently in the North West UK.
Please contact via TBRCC via email on Rescue & Rehome page of TBRCC if you are interested in these cats.






Monty is a young Blue Bicolour Males Ragdoll just 2 years of age. He is being rehomed as his owners have had a change of circumstances where they are unable to keep him longer term. He is not used to children, dogs or other cats. He is strictly an indoor cat. He loves to play with cat wand toys, cat toy balls, he also like to run up and down his cat tree. He may also benefit in the future from interactive cats toys. He is a young cat and has spurts of energetic play. He is used to being groomed twice per day.
He uses catsan smart pack litter. Monty likes to graze on his dried kibble food all day.
He does eat wet food once per day. Monty does like to be stroked on his belly or his head but not keen on being over fussed. Monty has had a bad experience previously when he was placed in a cattery whilst his owners were on holiday. Any new potential owner would need to be careful any open windows around the house as Monty will jump out without thought of how high the window is from the floor. We can give advice about window protection methods to keep Monty safe.
Monty is currently is the South West UK 
Contact Anne via email on rehome page 








Cruz - Home Found!

Cruz is a Red Mitted Neuter Male Ragdoll and quite a large cat. He needs to be homed as an only cat as he can be quite dominant at times. He likes to play with catnip toys falls asleep near owner. He likes lots of fuss. He is used to living with cat friendly dogs. He is being rehome due to his owners ill health.





Onion and Theo

Home Found!


Onion and Theo


Both male, both pretty relaxed, litter trained, neutered, immunised and have had insurance with no claims so far or problems (theo had a teeth plaque cleaning once) they get on well (often sleep on top of each other).

Theo is more affectionate to the point of being a bit territorial vs onion when it comes to getting a spot in his preferred lap. Slightly more obviously athletic and adventurous but also a bit more greedy when it comes to food.

Onion is also very affectionate but takes a little longer to get to know people and is cautious with his inquisitivity although he is actually less scared of the hoover than theo, but both seem to be generally unstressed by things. Onion will always be more initially fearful or reticent about handling by children or people he doesn't know.

They were both indoor only cats until last year when Linda who is currently looking after them felt she wanted them to be allowed out. They have lived together since they were kittens so are well used to each other.  But they are both wonderful personalities, very gentle and fun. These boys need a loving home together as they are great friends.

They are currently in the Birmingham Area.







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