The British Ragdoll Cat Club
10th Championship Show

Saturday 7th January 2012


The 10th Championship Show was held on the 7th January 2012, with over 100 entries. As it was a special show, the club made an extra effort to ensure that this show was one to be remembered.


For the first time in GCCF history, the Ragdoll classes were split to allow Colourpointed and Mitted Ragdolls to have their own classes. This proved incredibly popular with exhibitors and judges alike.


The Overall Best in Show was won by a stunning Seal Neuter boy - 'Bleugems Believe-In-Me' (Harvey), owned and bred by Mrs Elizabeth Percival. He is a magnificent example of the breed, and his win was well deserved.

Congratulations to everyone, the results of Best In Show are:



Best In Show Bicolour Adult

Grand Champion Tumblerag Happytymes (66 31) Male
Owned and bred by Mrs Teresa Hassett


Best In Show Colourpointed Adult

Champion Montante Enrico (66d) Male
Owned by Mrs Natasha Stone, bred by Mr Paul Wilson


Best In Show Mitted Adult and Best In Show Adult

Grand Champion Dizzipaws Zemo (66aw) Male
Owned by Master Rhys Pullen, bred by Mrs Julie Haworth

Best In Show Bi-Colour Kitten

Ladydoll Devine-D Saraggs (66 31a) Male
Owned by Mr Ryan & Mr O'Neill, bred by Dr Stefan Ridzon


Best In Show Colourpointed Kitten

Tumblerag Madison (66) Female
Owned and bred by Mrs Teresa Hassett


Best In Show Mitted Kitten and Best In Show Kitten

Dollybrooke Cocoa Diamond (66w) Male
Owned & Bred by Mrs Y Harrison


Best In Show Bicolour Neuter

Grand Premier Littlerags Lothario (66 31a) Male Neuter
Owned and bred by Mrs Charlotte Hainsworth


Best In Show Colourpointed Kitten

Champion & UK & Imperial Grand Premier Sonnywood Nutmeg (66e) Female
Owned by Mr Glyn & Mrs Dawn Davies, bred by Mrs Sharon Terry


Best In Show Mitted Neuter, Best In Show Neuter, and Overall Best In Show

Imperial Grand Premier Bleugems Believe-In-Me (66w) Male
Owned and bred by Mrs Elizabeth Percival



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